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About Me

Hello,  my name is Bill Marcks.  I'm going to try to feed you this information in nutshell format.  I am happily married to my beautiful  wife Kirsten and have three sons Liam .  Along with Jason DeVore I started the band  Authority Zero and opted to leave the band after 13 years, creative differences and longing to be at home with my splendid family. 

After leaving Authority Zero, I pursued a career in education, trying to utilize my B.A. in Spanish from Arizona State University.  I am enrolled in the Teacher Preparation Program at Rio Salado College.  I am certified by the State of  Arizona to teach Spanish at the Secondary Education level.  Due to budget constraints in our education system I was not hired this year and therefore had to get to "job hunting."

Fortunately I found a job and am currently employed by one of the top tech companies in the United States.

So,  I hope this fills you in a little bit.  Please feel free to browse my homepage and don't be a stranger. 


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Me and buddies when we passed our cerification final.

Sanziggo: Chad Kinney, DJ Farmer and Me with guest musician Zach V.

Authority Zero Original Lineup: Me, Jason DeVore, Jim Wilcox and Jeremy Wood

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